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Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy-(N.A.H.T)

"Leading Academy for distance learning in Hijama therapy".

“ Providing Hijama Courses; to change your life in an enlightened way”.

Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T) Reg’d- 7787984.

Prophetic Hijama/Cupping Therapy and Core Courses.

Study with Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (NAHT).

“Courses that will change your life in an enlightened and blessed way”


Hijama/Cupping- “The Worlds No:-1” (Detox therapy).


(A) “Every Disease has a Cure, Allah has put it on Earth & has also informed us of its cure by Treatment” (AL-QURAN)-Hijama is the answer to a cure for many Illnesses.

(B) The best of treatments is -“HIJAMA” -“A way of treatment & the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h)”


"Healing is in three things”:-

  • In the incision/Scarification of the Cupper!
  • In drinking honey!
  • In cauterizing with fire but, "I forbid my Ummah (nation) from cauterization (branding with fire)".[Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5681), Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3491)].


About Us!!!


  Bismillah-Al- Rahman- Ira heem- “We begin in the name of Allah s.w.t; The Almighty; The Most Powerful; Gracious and The most Merciful”.

N.A.H.T is a leading; renowned and registered Hijama Therapy Academy. We are currently offering these C.M.A approved courses at  8-different tiers, on a structured program of study "World-Wide"-(See further, for details on our courses)!.

  May Allah S.W.T guide the N.A.H.T team in delivering our arduous work on Hijama for the Muslim nation, for the sake of the beloved Messenger of Allah s.w.t; Muhammad P.B.U.H. It was recommended by the messenger P.B.U.H for the Muslim Ummah to have Hijama as a treatment as it is a cure for all diseases except death-(Insh-allah).

  As a team; We will endeavor to deliver this therapy to all those who are compassionate about learning Hijama; so as to revive it; in accordance to the Sunnah way of practice.


  The utmost will be done to link this therapy to the modern day code of ethics of practice of alternative therapies and medicine; our various tiered courses on "Hijama Therapy" under-pin the fundamental teaching principles of this ordained and faith based therapy. As an academy our team has ensured that the course contents amalgamate the necessary medical techniques required in relation to its practice in order that the therapists practice this therapy in its true essence; as a religious art and science in the most successful manner. 


  The team has prepared course material such that our "Hijama-Therapy" graduates, will not to fail to demonstrate their competency as they will be trained to adhere to the legal parameters that exist in every country. Hence the courses form a strong element in addressing "Hijama-Therapy practice" in accordance to its legal aspect of practice; regardless of the country of student residence. 

  The accruing of knowledge with understanding vice versa are strongly inter-linked; as they say; "Without understanding success is doomed"; thus we are mindful of this concept and ensure that such a parameter is implemented in our teaching material as a "Pinnacle to our teaching!" 

Mission statement :-

  • To revive the sunnah of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w throughout the Muslim Ummah.
  • Encourage every Muslim to follow this Sunnah way of treatment to get reward in this world & the world hereafter.
  • Encourage every Muslim household to implement, practice & spread the word; to all, of this great therapy.

Our Ethos:-To spread this blessed Sunnah throughout the Islamic nation; with the thought of Love, Humbleness and Devotion to Allah s.w.t ("The-Exalted"), and love for our prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h” as a Messenger of  Allah s.w.t.

Our Aim:-The aim of our Academy is to provide academic material for both theory and practical; so as to train Individuals in order to produce qualities such that they become competent "Hijama-Practitioners"  that will be able to work at  the 3-different levels of competency. that falls in accordance to our structured tiers of courses. 

Our Motto:-“If something is to be taught; it must be taught right OR not at all”.


The Importance of Knowledge.

Sura Alaq!

{96.4} Convey! And thy Lord is most generous,

{96:5}Who taught man by the pen,

{96:6}Taught man what he knew not!


Hijama-"Sunnah and Treatment"!

Hijama Cups with Suction Pump!

Glass Cups!