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Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy-(N.A.H.T)

"Leading Academy for distance learning; in Hijama therapy".

“ Providing Hijama Courses; to change your life in an enlightened way”.

Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (N.A.H.T) Reg’d- 7787984.

Prophetic Hijama/Cupping Therapy & Core Courses.

Study with Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (NAHT).

“Courses that will change your life in an enlightened & blessed way”


786-Hijama/Cupping-Hijama- “The Worlds No:-1” (Detox therapy).


a) “Every Disease has a Cure, Allah has put it on Earth & has also informed us of its cure by Treatment” (AL-QURAN)-Hijama is the answer to a cure for many Illnesses.

b) The best of treatments is -“HIJAMA” -“A way of treatment & the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h)”


"Healing is in three things”:-

  • In the incision/Scarification of the cupper!
  • In drinking honey!
  • In cauterizing with fire but I forbid my Ummah (nation) from cauterization (branding with fire)."

[Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5681), Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3491)].


About Us!!!


Bismillah-Al- Rahman- Ira heem- “We begin in the name of Allah s.w.t; The Almighty; The Most Powerful; Gracious & Merciful”.

N.A.H.T is a World leading; Renowned & Registered Hijama therapy Academy; that is currently offering; Hijama Therapy Courses at 8-different tiers that follow a structured program of study.

The Hijama courses have been C.M.A-Approved i.e. they are Certified Hijama Therapy Courses-


There are a total of 8-Courses-(See details; further on)!


May Allah S.W.T guide the N.A.H.T team in delivering our arduous work on hijama for the Muslim nation, for the sake of the beloved Messenger; Muhammad P.B.U.H, Whose message to the Muslim Ummah, was to have Hijama done as a treatment for all diseases/Maladies.

As a team We will endeavor to deliver this therapy to all those who are compassionate about learning Hijama; so as to revive it in accordance to the Sunnah practice.

The utmost will be done to link this therapy in the best possible way to modern day code of ethics; Practice of alternative therapies & Medicine.

In the delivery of our various tier of hijama courses, our aim is to under-pin the fundamental teaching principles of this ordained & faith based therapy; by ensuring that we amalgamate the necessary medical techniques required in relation to its practice; in order for the therapists-(HIJAMA THERAPY PRACTITIONERS); to practice this religious art & science successfully & at the very same time, not to fail in their competency of adherence to the legal parameters which exist in every country & form a strong element that is associated with hijama therapy practice; regardless of the country they reside in. 

The accruing of knowledge with understanding; vice versa are strongly inter-linked & go well together; as without understanding success is doomed thus we aim to ensure this concept is implemented in our teaching material "A Must & A Pinnacle to our teaching!" 


Mission statement :-

  1. To revive the sunnah of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w throughout the Muslim Ummah.
  2. Encourage every Muslim to follow this Sunnah way of treatment to get reward in this world & the world hereafter.
  3. Encourage every Muslim household to implement, practice & spread the word; to all, of this great therapy.


Our Ethos:-

To spread this blessed Sunnah throughout the Islamic nation; with the thought of Love, Humbleness & Devotion to Allah s.w.t (The Exalted) & Love for our prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h” as a Messenger of  Allah s.w.t.


Our Aim: -

The aim of our Academy is to provide academic material for both theory & practical so as to train Individuals & produce qualities in them so that they become competent Hijama practitioners who will be able to work at 3-different levels.


Our Motto:- “If something is to be taught; it must be taught right OR not at all”.


The Importance of Knowledge.

Sura Alaq

{96.4} Convey! And thy Lord is most generous,

{96:5}Who taught man by the pen,

{96:6}Taught man what he knew not!


Hijama-"Sunnah & Treatment"!

Hijama Cups & Suction Pump!

Glass Cups!